At SSS Design and Build, carpentry is the foundational trade that our company was built upon, and we take immense pride in our carpenters who are now 5th generation tradesmen. We understand the intricate accuracy and mathematics required to achieve the perfect cut. Carpentry, to us, is an art-form that demands both patience and skill.

Carpentry work is traditionally divided into two key stages: the ‘First Fix’ and the ‘Second Fix’. Each stage requires a different approach and set of skills. Let us explain what each stage entails:

First Fix:

  1. Roof Framing: Skillfully constructing the framework of the roof, laying the foundation for the entire structure.
  2. Stud Wall/Partition Installation: Expertly installing metal or wood stud walls and partitions, creating defined spaces within the building.
  3. Door Frame Installation: Precisely fitting and installing door frames, ensuring smooth and seamless door operations.
  4. Joist Installation: Installing the structural framework that supports the floors and ceilings of the building.
  5. Suspended Ceiling Framing: Creating the framework for suspended ceilings, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.
  6. False Ceiling Framing: Expertly crafting the framework for false ceilings, adding design elements and hiding utilities.
  7. Staircases: Skillfully constructing staircases, a crucial element in multi-story buildings.

Second Fix:

  1. Door Fitting: Meticulously fitting doors, ensuring proper alignment and smooth operation.
  2. Architrave and Skirting Installation: Skillfully installing architraves and skirting boards, adding the finishing touches to doorways and walls.
  3. Wardrobe Fitting: Crafting and fitting bespoke wardrobes, optimizing storage solutions.
  4. Kitchen Fitting: Precisely installing kitchen units and cabinetry, creating functional and beautiful kitchen spaces.

At SSS Design and Build, we excel in providing comprehensive carpentry services, covering both the ‘First Fix’ and ‘Second Fix’ stages. Our skilled craftsmen pay attention to every detail, ensuring that each cut of wood is made with precision and artistry. Whether it’s crafting the foundational structures or adding the finishing touches, we bring passion and expertise to every aspect of carpentry work. Trust us to create exceptional carpentry solutions that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your property.

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