At SSS Design and Build, we take immense pride in delivering high-quality extensions, managing all aspects of the overall build from planning to completion. Our building extension projects are divided into three well-defined stages:

The Planning Stage:

During this crucial stage, we ensure that your extension project starts on the right footing. Our skilled architects at SSS Design and Build will handle:

  • Architectural Drawings: Creating detailed and precise drawings that align with your vision.
  • Planning Permission Submission: Assisting you in obtaining the necessary approvals from the local authority.
  • Structural Calculations: Engaging qualified structural engineers from SSS Design and Build to ensure the project’s stability and safety.
  • Inspectors: Coordinating with inspectors, either council or private, to facilitate inspections for compliance.

Having a reliable and skilled architect from SSS Design and Build is essential for a successful planning process. With Building Control and Regulations being relatively straightforward, obtaining Planning Permission can take 6-8 weeks and may face potential rejections. Our adept team ensures that architectural drawings not only outline dimensions and proposed rooms but also meticulously include vital elements such as manhole and drainage plans, foundation plans, roof plans, kitchen utilities plans, bathroom base plans, first floor joist plans, floor designs, and window locations.

The Shell Stage:

Moving on to the “Shell” stage, we focus on the outer build of your extension, encompassing:

  • Footings and Concrete: Laying a solid foundation for your extension.
  • Underground Drainage: Ensuring proper drainage systems are in place.
  • DPC Brickwork and Blockwork: Constructing damp-proof courses for moisture control.
  • Facing Brickwork and Blockwork: Erecting the exterior walls of your extension.
  • Lintel and Steel Installation: Installing load-bearing steel structures and lintels.
  • Roofing and Glazing: Completing the roofing and glazing to weatherproof your extension.

The Interior Stage:

The final step in your extension journey is the interior stage, which involves essential works such as:

  • Electrics: Installing electrical systems and outlets for functionality and safety.
  • Plumbing: Ensuring proper plumbing connections for water supply and drainage.
  • Plastering: Providing a smooth and polished finish to interior walls and surfaces.

Once these works are completed, you have the fundamental structure of your extension. We, at SSS Design and Build, then offer separate pricing for interior decorative work, allowing you to customize your new space to your liking.

We understand that each extension project is unique, and we adapt our approach accordingly. With recent planning laws permitting larger extensions on certain properties, we consider the property’s makeup and specific requirements. Our experienced team at SSS Design and Build ensures a smooth and efficient process, addressing structural needs and other considerations. For example, where no steelwork is necessary, issues of structural supports and waiting times for mortar to set are avoided, expediting the project timeline.

At SSS Design and Build, we are committed to delivering exceptional extensions that blend seamlessly with your existing property, enhancing your living space and enriching your lifestyle.

During our site visit, we at [Company Name] will be your trusted guides, walking you through the entire A-Z process of your extension project. We understand that this may seem daunting, but we will ensure that you fully comprehend what your bespoke project entails.

An extension has the power to transform your lifestyle, granting you the additional space you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s a spacious kitchen to unleash your culinary creativity, a home office to spark inspiration for your work, a new bedroom for your children’s comfort, or an extra bathroom to cater to your growing family’s needs – we can bring these visions to life.

For rear extensions falling under permitted development, only Building Regulations need to be addressed, and we will handle the application process on your behalf. An inspector of your choice, whether council or private, will inspect our works to ensure compliance and quality.

If, however, you opt for a larger extension beyond what the Local Authority permits, you will need planning permission, and we will assist you in securing the necessary approvals.

For side extensions on existing “Party-Wall” structures, planning permission is also required, as a 4″ cavity needs to be created. This step allows the side extension, often a former garage, to be converted into a comfortable living space.

For more detailed information and personalized assistance, please feel free to contact us via telephone or by using the Contact Form. Kindly note that all fields on the form must be filled in to ensure efficient communication. We look forward to embarking on this exciting extension journey with you!

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