As skilled tradesmen, we take full responsibility for overseeing your glazing project from start to finish. The installation of windows marks the exciting internal works stage, where the beauty of the brickwork and your choice of brick truly come to life. This stage adds character to your home and showcases your taste to passers-by and visitors alike.

When it comes to double (and triple) glazing, we prioritize using the renowned German Rehau profile. While these windows may come at a slightly higher cost, they offer superior strength due to the increased steel content in their frames. This ensures a longer-lasting and more robust frame, as well as better heat retention. We also use Pilkington K Glass and anti-snap locks as standard to ensure your home’s security is never compromised.

Our comprehensive glazing services (supply and fit) include:

  • Double and triple glazed windows and doors (uPVC or aluminum in white, anthracite, or black)
  • Bifold doors made of aluminum in white, anthracite, or black
  • Composite doors in various styles (available upon request)
  • Sliding doors in various styles of your choice
  • Wooden doors and windows

Every stage of the build demands high-quality materials, but the fitting stage is of utmost importance. Our window-fitters ensure secure fixtures into studs, bricks, lintels, or steel, especially for bifold doors. We apply silicone evenly and meticulously, leaving no gaps. This level of precision sets our work apart, as a keen eye and skillful craftsmanship make a great window-fitter.

For those unsure about their window and door openings, we offer a free design service. Our experts will design the openings to meet fire safety regulations, ensuring the safety of you and your family. Properly designed windows become crucial in case of a house fire, allowing safe escape routes.

In addition to standard glazing services, we also offer a special service to create and install hardwood windows and doors with bespoke glass patterns according to your specific plans.

When you choose us to complete your extension, we will clarify the included windows and doors based on your architectural plans. We’ll also provide advice on any changes that could enhance your property’s aesthetics and functionality. Trust our expertise for a seamless glazing experience that elevates your home’s appeal and safety.

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