At SSS Design and Build, we take great pride in offering a comprehensive roofing service, encompassing every aspect from framing and tiling to roof light installations, ensuring a seamless completion. Our expertise covers a diverse range of roof types, including:

  1. Pitched Roof
  2. Apex Roof
  3. Flat Roof
  4. Hip to Gable Roof
  5. Hip to Valley Roof
  6. Skylight / Roof Light Installation

The choice of roof type largely depends on the specific build you desire and its compatibility with your existing structure, especially in the case of extensions. For instance, loft conversions often involve transforming ‘Hip to Valley’ roofs into ‘Hip to Gable’ roofs to create additional space and accommodate a ‘Ridge Beam’. Pitched roofs typically have a pitch (angle) greater than 12.5˚, with the pitch tailored to the type of tile or slate preferred.

When it comes to flat roofs, we employ a wooden firring strip to achieve a minimum pitch of 4 inches. Our team is skilled in fitting various types of tiles and rubber roofs, offering versatility and durability. While the debate between traditional GRP and modern rubber roofs persists, we believe that rubber roofs offer sturdiness and longevity, often backed by a 25-year guarantee from reputable rubber companies.

At SSS Design and Build, we also specialize in supplying and fitting roof lights according to your specifications. Working with renowned brands such as Velux, Fakro, and Keylite, we ensure secure and efficient window installations. Prior to installing roof lights, we thoroughly examine the roof’s structural calculations to confirm that the additional weight will not pose any risks, particularly when a 4″ cavity, in accordance with modern BSI Regulations, is present.

Once the roof framing, felting, battening, and tiling are completed, we meticulously install lead to prevent water damage. The lead is shaped to fit the tiles and securely fixed using a strong sand-cement mix and water-resistant silicone. Subsequently, we proceed to the fascia and guttering stage, which we tailor to your preferences, with the option to integrate external lighting within the fascia.

At SSS Design and Build, we prioritize strength and quality in our roofing projects. While old builds typically have roof rafters measuring 5″/125mm, modern regulations often call for 6″/150mm timber. Nevertheless, we always go above and beyond, using 7″ to 8″ timber for added durability and a sturdy fixing point for skylights.

For a roofing service that stands the test of time, trust SSS Design and Build. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we do it once and do it properly, delivering a robust and long-lasting roofing solution for your property.

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