Loft Conversions

At SSS Design and Build, we have witnessed a rising demand for Loft Conversions not only in London but also in our area of the West Midlands, including Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, and nearby locations. The popularity of Loft Conversions is driven by the scarcity of floor space, making Loft Extensions a practical solution to create additional living areas by utilizing the vertical space.

In compliance with UK law, a Loft Conversion typically does not require Planning Permission if its volume is under 50sqm for detached properties or 40sqm for semi-detached or terraced properties. However, if the Loft Conversion involves using masonry to build all walls, Planning Permission is necessary.

To ensure safety and meet stringent Fire Regulation standards, our Loft Conversions go through a meticulous process, overseen by the Building Control Inspector who provides the certificate upon completion. The Loft Conversion is completed in several stages, including the removal of old tiles and roof clearing, brickwork/blockwork for the ‘Gable’ of the roof, ridge beam installation, floor beams installation, framework construction with large timbers, roofing and dormer tiling, glazing installation, raising first-floor ceilings, flooring installation, stair installation, partition installation, first-fix electrics and plumbing, plastering, bathroom installation, second-fix electrics and plumbing, painting (if required), and skirting, architraves, and door fitting (if required). Separate gutter systems are also installed for the loft’s dormer tiles to prevent dampness in the first-floor ceilings.

Each Loft Conversion project is unique, as it depends on the original structure of the house. When dealing with small hallways, we carefully position the staircase to ensure appropriate placement and safety, ending the staircase at a box-shaped door to prevent fire entry into the Loft Conversion.

At SSS Design and Build, we prioritize quality and durability. For staircase construction, we use hardwood stairs, providing sturdiness and longevity. A hardwood staircase can be varnished to achieve a rustic look or can accommodate a carpet covering.

To construct dormers, we use 7” x 2” timber frames, offering superior strength and stability compared to the common 4” x 2” timber used by some builders/carpenters. For rear dormers, we employ a rubber roof on the flat roof section, known for its exceptional strength and durability.

Depending on the site’s requirements, some Loft Conversion projects may necessitate clients to temporarily move out due to safety concerns when working on first-floor ceilings.

To get started, simply send us your plans, and we will arrange a site visit. Understanding the process of your Loft Conversion is crucial for such significant works, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. At SSS Design and Build, we are dedicated to providing exceptional Loft Conversions tailored to your needs and enhancing the living space of your home.

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